• Exhibit- NZ Fashion week 2016

    We were thrilled to be a part of the Exhibit show closing NZ Fashion week this year.
    "Your vision, on display" The show was a collaboration between five of the top hair salons across New Zealand, expressing uninhibited creativity through hair.
    Our monochrome theme was inspired by the artist Jesse Draxler. Jesses art is mainly collage and because he is colour blind, he only works in black and white.
    We used the idea of black and white being opposite and representing opposite ideas. Through different or opposite perception it opens dialogue or brings us together in an attempt to understand other perceptions of the same thing.
    Image credit: Ben Loris Blair, Sophie Chung, M2woman

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  • Exhibit

    We are excited to be part of this years Exhibit show! 

    Exhibit is entirely about a collective collaboration between New-Zealand hair salon brands. This isn’t about trends. It’s about total freedom… Pushing boundaries… Expressing the extraordinary. All on one stage during several inspiring and creative shows at New-Zealand Fashion Weekend.

    Click here to purchase tickets.

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  • The lipstick effect

    Makeup can mean so many things to different people.  I personally can never remember not loving it.  As a young girl I was completely enchanted by how a smear of colourful lipstick could completely transform my mother into the most beautiful woman I'm sure I had ever seen.

    I love makeup for its transformative powers, and whilst I feel confident leaving the house with no make up on at all, when I have a make up look that I love, I feel as though I can take on the world.

    I can't think of a look that makes me feel more powerful than a strong lip.   I am especially enamoured with is the deep plum lip trend we are seeing this winter.  Whilst it can lean towards being quite goth, with a simple eye and manicured brows a more romantic, pretty feeling is achieved.

    The runway look from Rodarte fall/winter 2016.

    Here are a few key points to consider in achieving this look:

    1/ Brush your teeth before applying you lipstick.  It seems like a silly thing to mention, but I do this in reverse all the time and It is super annoying.  lipstick everywhere!

    2/ Make sure your lips are soft and free of dry skin by exfoliating them and applying a lip conditioner or lip primer.

    3/ Apply lip liner to the outer edge of your lips... this is where your artistry can come in.  You can create the lip shape you would like, accentuate the cupids bow or maybe over draw your lips slightly to create a fuller lip shape.

    4/ Fill in the lips with liner, this creates a long-lasting  base for your lipstick.  I love MAC Pro-longwear lip pencils.  The shade Dark Out is a favourite.

    5/ Apply your lipstick with a lip brush, working it all over the lips.  Use a colour that matches the liner or I sometimes like to go just a tiny bit lighter with my lipstick and blend it out. 

    6/ Take a bit of concealer on your concealer brush working around the edge of your lips to sharpen up and perfect the edges.

    7/ It is important to comb and fill in your eyebrows when wearing a strong lip, as dark lips can make the face look a little unbalanced without brows.

    8/ I hear people say that with a strong lip, its important to keep the eyes soft. I would say do what ever you want and rock it baby!  I personally love to have smudged out smoky eye shadow and false lashes even with a strong lip, so stick with what ever makes you feel gorgeous.

    My version of this look, with a soft smoky eye.

    I am available for make up by appointment at Hamilton Brooks Hairdressing, give the salon a call and book in for your next event.

    Love Yelena x

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  • Winter hair, should I still care?

    Now that the winter months are upon us, you may be tempted to embrace the ponytail in an attempt to keep hair washing to a minimum. The thought of getting out of the warm shower with dripping wet hair only to be confronted by a cold blast is enough to send anyone running to Fiji for a couple of care free weeks in the sun. The days are much colder, and whilst we love a pony tail at Hamilton Brooks, it is time to start thinking about ways to protect your hair from elemental damage.

    Hair can easily become dry and brittle during the winter months, it is a good idea to indulge your hair once a week with a deep conditioning treatment. This will help to replenish some of the moisture that can be depleted due to repetitive use of styling tools and winter heating in the office and at home. Come into the salon for a treatment or take home Kevin Murphy, Hydrate Me Masque. This must have product is deeply moisturising, smoothing, repairing, and also adds elasticity and shine.

    A hair oil like Davines OI, is also a great option to run through the mid lengths and ends after you shampoo and condition. Oils are especially beneficial to colour treated hair and this gorgeous product adds extraordinary shine and softness. It has a strong detangling and restructuring action and anti-frizz effect.

    Continue to get regular trims throughout winter. A snip every six to eight weeks is recommended to reduce the chance of dry, splitting ends.

    Covering your hair with a stylish hat will protect, your beautifully styled locks from being blown about by the winter wind whilst out and about.

    Adopting these tips during winter will help your hair look its best all season long.

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  • Fashion Edit: David Koma


    Praised for his use of geometric lines and linear cuts, David Koma did not fail to deliver in his recent Fall 2016 Ready to Wear collection. For this season he took inspiration from the work of Frank Cota, a brutalist metal sculptor (an example of one of his works pictured above). Koma commented on his inspiration stating “I love his brutal, graphic, rusty metal sculptures with a splash of colour. I wanted to take something modern and industrial at the same time”. The marriage of Cota’s work and Koma’s design aesthetic made for a beautiful collection with sharp lines and hints of chrome accents.
    Writen by: Andrew Abrau 


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    Time for a seasonal change? We are loving these bold Autumn colours as we head into the cooler months. 

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  • Trending: BRONDE

    It's not Blonde, it's not Brunette, it's Bronde. One of the trending hair colours this season. Bronde is a colour technique fusing brown and blonde creating a natural looking dimension in the hair. An ideal colour for blondes wanting to go darker for the cooler months.

    Here are some of our favourite Bronde looks.





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    What is your role at Hamilton Brooks?

    Junior Stylist

    When did you decide you wanted to make this your career?

    I had always been interested in hairdressing but only decided to pursue it 6 years ago. It has been a very rewarding experience.

    How long have you been working at Hamilton Brooks?

    Just over 3 years as a colourist and now as a junior stylist. Very excited for the challenges and my future as part of a great team.

    What product could you not live without?

    Kevin Murphy Young Again treatment oil. Its amazing as a base for blowaves because its lightweight and not greasy. And also protects the hair from heat.

    What food could you not live without?

    Vegetables! All kinds!

    Your favourite meal to cook?

    I've been vegan about a year. So a fave thing of mine to do is try interesting new recipes that are plant based.

    What are your favourite songs at the moment?

    Desire by Years and Years is a fave at the moment. And I love anything Britney and Lil Kim.

    Favourite Movie?

    The original 'Carrie'. Everything about it from the acting to the old 70's style and score is amazing.

    Favourite TV series?

    American Horror Story

    Where would you most like to travel to?

    Bermuda! Its always been a dream of mine to travel there. Such a beautiful place.

    What are you most likely to be doing on your days off?

    Sleeping! Hanging with my partner and friends.

    Who is your dream client?

    Pamela Anderson. She is stunning and I've always loved her California beach girl hair and then her changing it up completely to an elegant pixie cut.

    Favourite hairstyle?

    I love any cut with texture and layers.



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    Co owner Karl recently worked on the latest campaign for the fantastic New Zealand owned and designed eyewear company Age Eyewear. Here are some images from the shoot. 

    For more info on Age Eyewear visit

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    Party season is upon us and with that, comes party hair..  But gone are the super long, faux extensions and victoria's secret big bouncy curls, this summer its all about these buzzwords.

                                                                   - Undone texture

                                                                   - Flyaways

                                                                   - Waves

                                                                   - A bend in the hair

    Take a cue from these pics the next time you visit our dry bar.


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