Winter has truly kicked in and the wind and rain can definitely take a toll on your hair. Not only can the weather wreak havoc, but constant changing from the cold outdoors to your nicely heated home is often the cause of dry and flat locks.

    Dry and windy weather tends to pull the moisture out of your hair, causing it to be dull and brittle. It also makes it more prone to static, so you can expect more flyaways that need taming.

    Retaining moisture in the hair is essensial to maintaining its health. We recommend amping up the conditioning to lock in as much moisture as possible.

    Look at changing your conditioner to a heavier, more nourishing conditioner for the winter. We like to do a deep condition regularly, as well as a leave-in conditioner in between washes. Look for natural oils in the ingredients such as coconut or olive oils. If you find that your products are rich and tend to build up on the scalp or at the root, use a clarifying shampoo once a week.

    Anti-frizz serums and hairspray can be a big help with keeping flyaways to a minimum and while it doesn't need to be said, if you take it easy with your hot styling tools you'll definitely be doing your hair a favour.


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