What is your role at Hamilton Brooks?

    Junior Stylist and Makeup Artist

    When did you decide you wanted to make this a career?

    At a super young age. I have always been obsessed with hair and makeup.

    How long have you been working at Hamilton Brooks?

    I started in 2011 as a colourist and have been lucky enough to have some time off to travel. I'm excited to be back as a stylist this time around!

    What is your favourite thing about your job?

    It's my hobby too, so I genuinely enjoy coming to work every day!

    What product could you not live without?

    I love the SACHAUAN Styling Cream because it holds style and is nourishing without being greasy or weighing the hair down. It's my number one product for blow waving.

    What food could you live off for the rest of your life?

    Coconut. It's the best for everything. Young coconuts I would drink from, older coconuts I would eat the flesh, I would coldpress the coconuts in to oils and use in my hair and on my skin. I even have coconut oil in my black coffee. I love coconuts!

    Your favourite meal to cook?

    Pan fried salmon with kumara mash and steamed greens.

    If you were a superhero what would be your superpower and why?

    I'd be Wonderwoman. She's got the combat and battle skills.

    What are some of your favourite songs at the moment?

    I love this one we play at the salon. “Ho Hey (HugLife Remix)” – The Lumineers
    But my go to music would be The Growlers or Bon Iver. And you can't go wrong with Beyonce!

    Favourite movie?

    It always changes, I love a good comedy, Anchorman, and Avatar I've watched quite a few times!

    Favourite tv series?

    Breaking bad was so good, I loved the twisted story line. Vikings not many people have heard about and took me a few episodes to get in to but is so awesome! The hair styling is incredible! I like it because it is based on real history.

    Where would you most like to travel to?

    I've done a fair bit of travelling and next on my list is definitely Central America! Bali is my favourite so far.

    What are you most likely to be doing on your days off?

    I love the outdoors, going hiking or roadtripping to the beach for a surf!

    What are your favourite go to makeup looks?

    For me personally I love a natural face of makeup. I use strobe cream which illuminates your skin as a base, and a light concealer under my eyes. I then love to have peachy cheeks, I use a combination of blusher and bronzer to softly enhance them. But my number one is liquid liner. I use a small angled brush and finish my daily look with liner on my lids.

    Who is your dream client?

    Alexa Chung

    Favourite hair style?

    60's inspired styles with bangs and volume, Sienna Miller in Alfie pulls off this style exceptionally.


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