Bleach is very harsh on the hair and with bleaching comes a lot of maintenance if you are wanting to keep your hair in the best condition possible. 

    As bleach is so drying on the hair, the most important thing is to replace the moisture that has been stripped away. We recommend using an extra moisturising shampoo and conditioner, accompanied with a weekly protein mask. Refrain from overusing protein in your hair products as this can actually lead to the hair feeling brittle.


     After washing, a leave-in conditioner through the mid-lengths and ends will add even more hydration. Opt for a wide tooth comb over a brush to evenly distribute the product. Wait for the hair to be fully dry before styling or tying it up as it will be at its most delicate when wet.

    If you can, go another day between washes. Washing less often will help with maintaining both the condition and colour of the hair. If you are finding your hair starting to look oily or limp, use a dry shampoo which will not only freshen up greasy roots but double as a styling product for extra volume.

    It goes without saying that using less heat on the hair will make a huge difference to its condition. If you do opt for the hair dryer or tongs don't forget your heat protectant!


    Finally, bleached hair requires a lot of maintenance. Regular trims will get ensure that split ends are kept at bay. Toned hair is happy hair so if you are finding your blonde tends to go a bit brassy between colour appointments, book in for a toner. In addition, you might find that a purple shampoo and conditioner will help keep the yellow tones from coming through, maintaining the colour between appointments. 

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